Summary of Doctoral Thesis:

Application of knowledge and best practices in configuration of project management information system


Solvita Bērziša


The project management information systems are used to maintain project data and to support project management processes. These systems are configured according to the project management methodology used at the project organization and requirements of the particular project. However, identification of the appropriate configuration as well as implementation of the selected configuration are challenging tasks. The goal of the Thesis is to develop an approach for configuration of project management information systems. This approach allows organizations to identify the appropriate system configuration for the particular project and to the automate configuration process.
The approach developed includes the standardised description of configuration requirements, utilization of knowledge and best practices to identify appropriate configuration and automated configuration of the project management information system. The standardised description of configuration requirements is provided as an XML schema, and it is developed on the basis of the comprehensive project management conceptual model. The use of project management knowledge and configuration best-practices ensures generation of the configuration recommendations during the requirements specification. The recommendations are generated on the basis of the information retrieved from the knowledge repository using case-based reasoning. The standardized description of the configuration is transformed into configuration structures supported by particular project management software packages. This transformation ensures automatic creation of the system configuration according to the project needs and configuration options of the selected project management software packages.
Approbation of the developed approach is performed in two phases. The quality of the standardised description of configuration requirements is evaluated in the first phase by describing configuration requirements of the real-life projects. Impact of the knowledge usage on quality of the configuration is evaluated in the second phase by preparing the test configuration for the real-life project.
The thesis contains 196 pages, 27 tables, 47 figures 13 appendixes and 142 references.


Project management information system, PMIS configuration, XCPM


English and Latvian






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