A Framework for Knowledge-Based Configuration of Project Management Information Systems


Solvita Bērziša, Jānis Grabis


Project management is a complex process regulated by project management methodologies, standards and other requirements. Project management information systems are used to support project management activities. To ensure effective use of the project management information system, it is necessary that the system could be configured according requirements of the chosen methodology. The configuration provides a structural framework for project management while accumulated project management knowledge provides basis for efficient project execution. Therefore, the project management information systems also should provide means for representing and reusing knowledge. The objective of this paper is to propose architecture of knowledge-based system that ensures project management information system configuration process with appropriated knowledge. This architecture is referred as the knowledge-bases configuration system. Project management knowledge repository and case-based reasoning principles are used in development of the proposed architecture. This architecture allows storing project management and configuration information and organizing and reusing this information.


PMIS configuration, knowledge-based system, case-based reasoning








Title 17th International Conference on Information and Software Technologies 2011
Organization Kaunas University of Technology
Place Kaunas, Lithuania
Dates April 27th - 29th, 2011



Title Proceedings of the 17th Intenational Conference on Information and Software Technologies - IT2011
Publisher Kaunas Unversity of Technology
ISSN 2029-0020
Page 31-38
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