XML Schema for Configuration of Project Management Information Systems


Solvita Bērziša


Project management information systems support the complex project management process. This process is regulated by project management methodologies, standards and other requirements. To support this process is necessary that project management information system could be configured according the requirements of chosen methodology. To facilitate the configuration process project management requirements are described and defined in a standardized manner using XML. The objective of this paper is to elaborate structure of the aforementioned schema, which is referred as XML schema for Configuration of Project Management information systems (XCPM). Development of the XML schema is based on the comprehensive project management concept model. Each entity form project management concept model can be described using XCPM schema. This paper also surveys project management information system configuration approach and project management concept model. Project management information configuration process is provided as example of schema usage.


XCPM, project management information systems, PMIS configuration, XML schema








Title Ninth Conference on Databases and Information Systems, 2010
Organization University of Latvia
Place Riga, Latvia
Dates July 5-7, 2010




Databases and Information Systems. Edited by Janis Barzdins and Marite Kirikova.

Proceedings of the Ninth International Baltic Conference Baltic DB&IS 2010, Riga, Latvia, July 5-7, 2010.

Publisher Univesity of Latvia Press, Riga, Latvia
ISBN 978-9984-45-199-2
Page 109-124
Copyright 2010