Towards an XML Scheme for Configuration of Project Management Information Systems: Conceptual Modelling




Solvita Bērziša


Project management is a complex process which is governed by project management methodologies, standards and other regulatory requirements. This process is supported by project management information systems, which could be configured according to requirements of particular methodologies represented in a standardized manner. This standardized representation is based on a comprehensive project management domain model. However, existing conceptualizations of the project management domain have limited scope. Therefore, this paper proposes to elaborate a comprehensive conceptual model of the project management domain to be used for development of XML schema for configuration of project management information systems. Development of the comprehensive concept model is based on analysis and integration of existing conceptualizations of project management and conceptual model integration. Four existing conceptualizations are integrated, and the integrated project management domain concept model incorporates data, process and knowledge related entities.


Conceptual modelling, schema integration, project management information system


  Integration process and full figures of concept models






Title 13th East-European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS 2009)
Organization Riga Technical University
Place Riga, Latvia
Dates September 7-10, 2009



Title Advances in Databases and Information Systems Associated Workshops and Doctoral Consortium of the 13th East European Conference, ADBIS 2009, Riga, Latvia, September 7-10, 2009. LNCS vol.5968
Publisher Springer Berlin / Heidelberg
ISBN 978-3-642-12081-7
Page 229-237
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